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Do you prefer sleek and stylish or a farmhouse vibe? Moving to the beach and want a Coastal Chic theme? Not sure? Take the style quiz to find out! And if you already know your style you’re just one step closer to having the home of your dreams.

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Borrows from both traditional and modern to create a space that is not "too much" in terms of one style or another. Includes modern materials united with plush furnishings. Sleek and stylish.

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This style tends to give nods to the beach. Clean lined cabinets, beadboard details and a color palate (blues to driftwood tones) that pulls from the water and sand are all elements of Coastal Style. Coastal styles can often be mixed with other styles through color and accessories. Coastal can vary from casual to elegant.

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Often includes a more rustic feel. Shaker style cabinets are common. Use of beadboard, distressed and slip covered furnishings, traditional florals, and softer muted colors all help create a farmhouse feel.

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Modern Farmhouse

With some similarities to Farmhouse Style, Modern Farmhouse offers more clean lines with rustic touches. The use of black is common in modern farmhouse. It is a combination of the rustic touches in Farmhouse with the clean lines of Contemporary.

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Classic details, rich furnishings, and an abundance of accessories sums up the traditional style. Often features dark finished woods, rich color palettes, ornate details and fabrics. Usually you will find depth through layering with this style.

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Leans towards modern without strict interpretation of modern design. Includes curved lines, clean lines, and sleek furnishings. Often includes more metals, dark slab front cabinetry and countertops with less veining and fluidity.

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